MCK Original - Carbon Fiber (Camo Carbon) - S35VN

Money Creek Knives MCK Original - Carbon Fiber (Camo Carbon) - Black Liners

MCK designed this knife to be comfortable to hold, no matter what size paws you have. It's long and lean with a versatile blade shape. It's design isn't limited to kitchen duties, as it's designed to be an all around user. However it's thin S35VN stainless blade and light weight will likely make it your favorite workhorse at meal time. But it's definitely not afraid to breakdown your next meat harvest in the field or ride by your side on your next fishing trip.

This one is sporting a PVD coated S35VN blade. PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. It produces coatings with superior hardness, durability and resistance to wear. That PVD coating added some complications in the making process as the blade and handle had to be shaped together, taken apart, and then reassembled perfectly after the blade had been coated. This ensured that the spine of the knife had the same level of finish as the blade. In other words... it's fancy and awesome. It's also rocking some crazy light and colorful carbon fiber. What else could you want?

Knife Specifications

Blade Length:  4.75"
Overall Length:  9.5"
Blade Metal:  1/16" S35VN Steel
Handle Material:  Carbon Fiber (Camo Carbon) - Black Liners
Tang:  SFT - Skeletonized Full Tang
Grind:  Flat

Knives fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA, using domestic steels and handle materials