Fixed Blade Friday 2/24/23 - Video Preview

February 24, 2023 1 min read 1 Comment

Fixed Blade Friday for 2/24/23

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Here are the knives posting on February 24, 2023 for Fixed Blade Friday!

Makers and models include: Fiddleback Forge EDC II, Patch,Recluse & Esquire, W.A Surls Model, Duckhead Forge Quake, MW Steel Works Vireo Plus, Berry Bladeworks Mini Delta & Mini Bunka and Alpha Tango Lima Glove.

Video Timeline:

00:00 Teaser
00:16 Intro
01:03 Fiddleback Friday!
01:10 Fiddleback Forge - Recluse
01:45 Fiddleback Forge - Patch
02:28 Fiddleback Forge - EDC II
03:15 Fiddleback Forge - Esquire
04:15 MW Steel Works - Vireo Plus (Leopard I Tank Steel)
05:27 W.A. Surls - "Unnamed" 
06:17 Duckhead Forge - Quake (Design by Dirk Loots)
07:33 Berry Bladeworks - Mini Bunka
08:26 Berry Bladeworks - Mini Delta (Design by J.B. Knifeworks)
09:52 Alpha Tango Lima Knife & Tool - Glove (OD Canvas)
10:45 Mike Glover Prototype? 
11:24 Alpha Tango Lima Knife & Tool - Glove (Black Canvas Micarta)
11:59 Go check out Fieldcraft Survival! 
12:49 How to Get One!
13:27 This Is The End My Friends!

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Diane Luksis
Diane Luksis

May 12, 2023

Hi Andy! I’m a friend of your wife. I’m looking for a hunting knife . I’m a newbie but like the German steel tank knife. I’m looking for a unique knife for a friend for hunting. He collects all kinds. What would be your best recommendation?

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