New Knives, Facebook and Instagram Downfall Continues, Georgia Bushcraft Weekend, and Blade Show Atlanta 2024 - Ep. 16

April 17, 2024 2 min read

Sharpest Tools in the Shed - Ep. 16

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Sharpest Tools in the Shed - Ep. 16 - Knives, and more.

Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge and Robert of Knife Outpost talk about this week's knives! Meta, aka Facebook and Instagram continue to create more problems for everyone. Georgia Bushcraft Spring Gathering 2024 is this weekend. Blade Show Atlanta 2024 preparation continues.

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Here are the knives posting on April 19, 2024 for Fixed Blade Friday!
Knives by Fiddleback Forge include the Drop Point Maverick, Pocket Ninja, Hiking Buddy, Bushboot (!!!), and Sgian Dubh. Knives by Amy at Warlander Enterprises include the Beta and the Cobra!

Video Timeline:
00:00 Sharpest Tools - Ep. 16 Begins
01:54 Andy Story Time Coming Soon - Requests
03:40 Meta Sucks. Instagram bans, etc.
06:16 Facebook also sucks. Livestream software may no longer work. But, they'll give us a Facebook AI assistant we don't want
07:42 Instagram's "breast feeding" trend
11:12 Georgia Bushcraft Spring Gathering
14:42 Fiddleback Forge User Weekend with Kevin Estela
16:24 Blade Show Atlanta 2024 - Table 2E Fiddleback Forge - June 7-9, 2024
19:54 South African Knife Makers, the most stringent makers' guild in the world?
21:16 The beautiful language of Afrikaans... and their, um, artistic use of insults and curse words
22:49 Fiddleback Forge Knife "Waffle" for a great cause
24:09 Warlander Enterprises Beta in 1084 Steel and Jade G10
26:22 Warlander Enterprises Cobra in Birch Burl
27:53 Fiddleback Forge Pocket Ninja in Westinghouse Micarta
28:23 Handle shaping with thick liners on a knife
30:05 Fiddleback Forge Sgian Dubh (sounds like "skeen doo")
30:51 Fiddleback Forge Hiking Buddy, Andy's best design?
32:20 Fiddleback Forge Bushboot
34:25 Fiddleback Forge Drop Point Maverick
38:17 Racing Stripes (multiple liners) on Bolsters to create a full wrapped border of the handle material (not easy!). The steps necessary are extremely time consuming.
42:44 All the links (found below)
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45:26 Subscribe on YouTube ...
50:34 Well, Goodbye

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