Knives, Forged in Fire Sucks, Pepper Sauce, Boy Scouts, Pinewood Derby Cars - Ep. 15

April 10, 2024 2 min read

Sharpest Tools in the Shed - Ep. 15

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Sharpest Tools in the Shed - Ep. 15 - Knives, Forged in Fire Sucks, Pepper Sauce, Boy Scouts, Pinewood Derby Cars, and more.

Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge and Robert of Knife Outpost talk about this week's knives! Andy also talks about why Forged in Fire sucks. We go into the downfall of the Boy Scouts, the fun of Pinewood Derby Car racing, a Knife Raffle for a friend, pepper sauces, blade spalting, and more.

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Knives by Fiddleback Forge include the Hiking Buddy (x2), F2, Recluse, and Bullfrog Bowie.

Video Timeline:
01:58 Fiddleback Forge Knife Teaser
02:24 Forged in Fire, Andy talks about them screwing over knife makers recently, and why it's nonsense
06:32 Andy turned down Forged in Fire
06:45 Fiddleback Forge, doesn't actually forge?
08:57 Andy's watch of choice, and other items that don't last in the shop
13:03 Beer-pocalypse did not occur during the Eclipse
13:57 Fiddleback Fanatics Raffle Knife for our good friend Greg. The Fiddleback Forge Sylvrfalcen in Bog Oak
15:05 Fiddleback University Testimonial from Glen Collinge of G2 Knifeworks
16:23 The Fiddleback Pepper Sauces are starting soon (not for sale though)
18:33 The Boudreaux Naming
18:54 Hating on the Florida Gators and Bama
19:45 Andy's altercation at a local restaurant
20:47 Skip college, learn a trade
21:35 Pinewood Derby Car Racing. The Cybertruck Dragster gets it done... almost
26:41 The fall of the Boy Scouts
28:50 Trail Life instead of Boy Scouts
31:42 Fiddleback Forge Hiking Buddy, Osage
33:12 Fiddleback Forge F2 (Fish & Fowl), Baltic Birch
34:09 Fiddleback Forge Hiking Buddy, Crosscut Westinghouse
34:39 Bringing on 1084 steel to replace 8670
36:40 What is blade spalting?
37:51 Fiddleback Forge Recluse, Bocote, 1084
41:15 Fiddleback Forge Bullfrog Bowie, the story on how it was designed
42:55 Marking the steel on the knife, why Andy doesn't do that.
44:03 How to get photos, specs, and prices
44:42 for classes

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