Knife Making 101: How Skeletonized Full Tang and Tapered Tang Knives Are Made

May 27, 2023 1 min read

Robert goes behind the scenes over to the Pop's Knife Supply knife shop to have knife maker Joey Berry of JB Knifeworks show you how to make a knife tangs ... specifically, how to make skeletonized full tangs as well as how to make tapered tangs.

SFT vs TT - Find out what the difference is between a skeletonized tang and a tapered tang, and all the steps involved in creating a very important step in the knife making process.

You can see Joey Berry's knives (JB Knifeworks) at

Video Timeline:
00:00 Intro
00:09 Meet Joey Berry of JB Knifeworks
00:32 What is a "tang"?
00:57 SFT vs TT (Skeletonized Full Tang vs Tapered Tang)
01:13 Marking and Scribing
02:11 Drilling
03:03 Grinding the Fuller
03:24 Tools in the Knife Shop
03:50 Explaining the Taper Method
04:21 Grinding the Taper
05:00 Grinding Jig for the Taper
06:09 Final Pre - Heat Treat Taper Inspection
06:45 Heat Treating the Knife
07:42 Removing the Scale & Finalizing the Taper Grind
08:48 SFT vs TT comparison in Pommel thickness
09:27 Why Skeletonize or Taper a Knife Tang?
11:15 Joey's knives are on
11:55 ✌🏻

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