10.5" Yanagiba - Vintage Burgundy Micarta - Sheffcut Carbon Steel

Edge Knife Works Yanagiba - Vintage Burgundy Micarta

Knife Specifications

Yanagiba in Sheffcut carbon steel that is the perfect tool for slicing fish for sushi and sashimi. The blade has a natural hamon, a hollowed back and some fantastic vintage micarta slabs paired together to make the handle.

SheffCut is a British-made carbon steel with Niobium added to promote increased wear resistance. It has high hardness, fine grain structure and the ability to produce some great hamons! It is also easy to keep sharp! SheffCut is great for fine slicing tasks such as kitchen knives and razors. SheffCut is manufactured from start to finish in Sheffield, England – the historic home of not only the UK Cutlery Industry but also the UK Steel Industry.

Blade Length: 10.5"
Overall Length: 16"
Blade Metal: 1/8" Sheffcut Steel
Handle Material: Vintage Burgundy Micarta
Tang: Hidden Tang
Grind: Hollow

Knives fabricated, assembled, and finished in the USA, using domestic steels and handle materials

Sheath sold separately.