15 YEARS Full Time Professional Knife Maker, New Knives, and Story Time With Andy - Ep. 18

May 01, 2024 1 min read

Sharpest Tools in the Shed - Ep. 18

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Sharpest Tools in the Shed - Ep. 18 - 15 Years as a Full Time Professional Knife Maker, Knives, Story Time with Andy, and more.

Andy Roy celebrates 15 YEARS AS A FULL TIME KNIFE MAKER at Fiddleback Forge! Also in this episode, Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge and Robert of Knife Outpost talk about this week's knives! We also will have a story time with Andy.

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Here are the knives posting on May 3, 2024 for Fixed Blade Friday!
Knives by Fiddleback Forge include the Runt, Daimyo, Babyboot, Bushcrafter Jr and Recluse.

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